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Donating Eggs: Overview

blonde egg donorThank you for your interest in donating your eggs at the Center for Human Reproduction (CHR). Every year, CHR's New York-based Egg Donation Program helps many couples with infertility issues build families using donor eggs. These couples have, for a variety of reasons, been unable to conceive, though primarily because the women can no longer produce good-quality eggs. This is where you come in.

Most of our recipient couples have experienced significant emotional and financial strain while trying to conceive a child on their own. Without the help of special women like you, these couples may never have the opportunity to build a family. So, again, thank you for your interest. This page explains what you will experience when donating eggs at CHR-NY.

The 4 Steps of the Egg Donation Process

Step 1:
Egg donor application
Your first step is to fill out the egg donor application online.
Step 2:
If you pass the initial screening phase, we will contact you within two weeks for additional screening steps.
Step 3:
After approval as an egg donor, you will wait to be matched with a recipient. This can happen very quickly, or it can take months or years.
Step 4:
Egg donation cycle
Once a match is made with a recipient, your actual egg donation process starts. The whole process takes about 3-5 weeks.

Step 1: Egg Donor Application

The first step in the egg donation process is to complete a confidential questionnaire, disclosing information about your family history, personal health history, sexual activity, drug usage, medical background, prescription and over-the-counter medications taken, child bearing history, education background, and areas of talent and/or interests outside your profession.

Step 2: Screening

We will review your application, and if you pass this initial screening phase, we will contact you for additional screening steps. You will go through a lengthy screening process, both physically and psychologically. Egg donors are initially screened through an interview with the donor coordinator. If your medical profile and family history are free of abnormality and/or undesirable traits, you will be referred to a physician to assess your psychological and medical profile. After the consultation, a physical examination including laboratory tests will be performed. Upon satisfactory results of these tests, you will be approved as an egg donor.

Step 3: Matching

When you are approved as an egg donor, your information is entered into our egg donor database. A wish list is submitted by a potential recipient couple identifying characteristics or traits that they desire. This wish list is run through the database and, when an appropriate match is found, donor characteristics are anonymously presented to the recipient couple. A recipient couple may accept or reject the egg donor. Once a match is made between you and a recipient, things move quickly to the actual egg donation cycle.

Step 4: Egg Donation (Oocyte Donation)

As the first step in egg donation (oocyte donation), you will begin ovarian stimulation with injections of Lupron to suppress your natural cycle. The Lupron suppression will help to synchronize your cycle with the recipient cycle. Blood tests and ultrasound examinations are used to evaluate the response to superovulation treatment and predict the time of the expected ovulation. Fertility drugs are used to increase the production of eggs. The average donor cycle lasts 3 to 5 weeks from the beginning of injectable medication until the day of retrieval. Upon completion of your retrieval, you will receive $8,000 in our CHR-New York Egg Donation Program for your time, commitment and service.

It is important that egg donors be available for early morning monitoring of their cycles. This means that they must live in close proximity to CHR's Manhattan location.

For more information about donating eggs at CHR, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

* Egg donation procedures are performed at our New York City – NYC office. To qualify as a donor, you must live close to New York City, or be able to travel to New York City (we will cover your travel costs—for more information about being a "long-distance" donor, please refer to the long-distance egg donor page).

About Our Program

Our egg donor program is run on the principle that we are here to serve both parties equally: Our responsibilities are the same to recipients and donors. This means that throughout the process, you will receive the same kind of individualized attention and clinical vigilance from our IVF coordinators and physicians as our recipient couples. Since egg donation is a complicated medical process, we take our donors' safety very seriously. Additionally, CHR covers all egg donors with a third party insurance policy, which gives you, the donor, added security. Of course, you will incur no cost during the donation process.

CHR values your time, effort, commitment and services in the egg/oocyte donation process. This is why we offer a competitive compensation of $8,000 for your time, commitment and service upon successful completion of the egg and oocyte donation program (i.e., egg retrieval), at our New York (NYC) egg donation program. [Note to Chinese Applicants]

If you live outside of the NYC metropolitan area, have some extraordinary qualities, and are between the age of 21 and 29, we may consider you as a donor candidate. In that case, most of your egg donation cycle will take place at an IVF center near you, under our supervision. You will have to travel to NYC once, for 3 nights and 2 days, for egg retrieval. If you think you are such an extraordinary young woman living away from NYC, please refer to the long-distance egg donor page.

For more information about the egg donation program view our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Our current egg donation compensation for your time, commitment and services is $8,000 at our CHR-New York program for a completed egg donation cycle (i.e. retrieval of eggs). If your cycle is canceled due to no fault of your own, compensation is $1,000. [Note to Chinese Applicants]. For more information about the egg donation program view our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Last Updated: November 21, 2013