Premature Aging Ovaries Treatment Video

Dr. Gleicher and Dr. Barad explain the unique expertise that CHR has developed in the past 5 years or so in treating women with premature aging ovaries and premature ovarian failure.

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Video Transcript

Title:Prematurely Aging Ovaries
DHEA and High FSH
Special treatments for "older" ovaries

Speaker: David Barad, MD, MS

"If you say the average person begins to lose their fertility at 37 and you're 30 and you appear to be, by the things that you measure, have ovaries that are not functioning as well as your peer group, that's what we call premature aging ovaries. Most programs when they approach a women who has what they call diminished ovarian function will either recommend that you go to donor egg or will simply focus on the last two weeks of egg development. The time from the time when the women has their period until the time that she ovulates or has the eggs removed for an IVF procedure. What we have been doing here is focusing on the transition as the eggs move from the resting phase, which may be 30 or 40 years for some people, and go through a sort of a training time, about a two or three months preparation before they ever get to that ovulation cycle. We have been trying to help those eggs, that are in the transition, make that transition in a better way by treating those people in that time. We do that with dhea we do that with some other hormonal supplementations that we start well before they start their ovulation induction cycle. And we are not limited to these tools we are still looking for other tools that we may be able to use to bring to focus on this. It's an ongoing process but what really makes us different in that approach is focusing on these eggs while they are in training before they come to be actually in play and I think it has made a big difference."

Speaker:Norbert Gleicher, MD- CHR Medical Director

"CHR over the last 5 years has really developed a unique expertise in the old ovary. There is simply nobody in the world that treats as many older women or younger women with old ovaries as we do. Again, we are not the largest IVF program in the world but in terms of that kind of experience there is simply nobody around who does as much work as we do."

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Last Updated: May 9, 2012