Receiving Donor Eggs Video

How to know when you're ready to receive donor eggs

Dr. Gleicher explains how to know if receiving donor eggs is the right decision for you.

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Video Transcript

Title:Receiving Donor Eggs. Making the Decision: How Donor Egg Recipients Know They're Ready

Speaker: Norbert Gleicher, MD

"In principle, the most important step is the recognition that they have reached the end of the road, and once that point is reached sometimes patients who previously never thought about egg donation face the reality that this is their only option and change their mind. Egg donation should always be a last resort. There is a good reason for that. Most of all we don't want patients later to have regrets and what that in practical terms means is, as I always explain to patients, they have to be both in their head and their heart ready for egg donation. If they prematurely go into egg donation, even if they have the most beautiful child, every time they look at the child they will think, 'hmmm' maybe I could have done it with my own eggs and we never want them to be in that situation."

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Last Updated: May 9, 2012