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When Is It Time to Seek a Second Opinion for Fertility Treatment?

When Is It Time to Seek a Second Opinion for Fertility Treatment?

Even if you think your doctor is the smartest and most thoughtful provider you’ve ever had, doctors can still offer solutions you don’t agree with. In addition, different providers can have varying treatment approaches, recommendations, and findings. Due to all these factors, it never hurts to seek out a second opinion from another doctor – especially for major medical decisions. 

Even research encourages getting a second medical opinion. A study done by experts showed that 21% of those who sought a second opinion got a brand new diagnosis and 66% of them received clarity or redefinition for their condition. Other doctors may also offer other treatments that you don’t know about, so by learning all of your options, you can make an informed medical decision.

When it comes to getting a second opinion, fertility treatments aren’t exempt. Going through infertility can be exhausting, and if you feel your provider doesn’t have time to answer your questions or pushes a one-size-fits-all approach to your treatments, you might be feeling defeated. But, at the Center for Human Reproductionour team of experts offers an online second opinion program to help you navigate fertility treatments.

Why you should choose our team for a second opinion

There are many reasons you might want to get a second opinion. Here are a few:

Because of our center’s reputation and high success rate, many people all over the world have sought out care from our expert team. 

We strive to understand each client’s individual needs and what’s causing infertility issues. In addition, we always go over all your fertility treatment options, offer informative discussions, and help you go home with a happy and healthy baby. 

All of this can be done virtually without ever stepping foot into our office.

What to expect from our online program

Our second opinion program works to get you all the information you need about fertility treatments from a different angle. We also offer all of our combined expertise that you may not get anywhere else.

Here’s what we hope our program can do for you:

No matter the reason you seek a second opinion from our team, we hope we can provide you with clarity. 

Whether you’re just starting your fertility journey or you just don’t feel your current plan is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us for our expert opinion. We want you to feel confident and informed about your treatment plans. 

To contact us for additional information about your fertility treatments, give our New York office a call at 626-385-7918 or request a virtual consultation today.

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