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Male Infertility Overview


Male Infertility

Medically reviewed by Norbert Gleicher, MD, FACOG, FACS - Written by CHR Staff - Updated on Nov 15, 2014

What Is Male Infertility?

Male infertility refers to the inability of a male to contribute to conception with a fertile female. With modern treatment tools, in a large majority of cases, men with male infertility can become fathers.

Among couples with infertility, approximately 55% have a female problem, about 45% have a male factor infertility and a full quarter (25%) have issues on both sides. Therefore, the ability to evaluate and treat female and male infertility adequately in parallel is crucial for modern infertility care. At CHR, about 20% of the couples have male factor infertility (or a combination of male and female factors).

Whatever the severity of male infertility, CHR has the knowledge and experience to help at least 90% of affected men to become the genetic fathers of their children. We work closely with prominent urologists in cases requiring special male infertility expertise. Furthermore, with our special expertise in complex cases of female infertility, including premature ovarian aging and diminished ovarian reserve, CHR is a one-stop infertility center for female as well as male infertility.

"CHR has the knowledge and experience to help at least 90% of affected men to become the genetic fathers of their children."

Norbert Gleicher, MD

Dr. Norbert Gleicher


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Norbert Gleicher, MD

Norbert Gleicher, MD, FACOG, FACS

Norbert Gleicher, MD, leads CHR’s clinical and research efforts as Medical Director and Chief Scientist. A world-renowned specialist in reproductive endocrinology, Dr. Gleicher has published hundreds of peer-reviewed papers and lectured globally while keeping an active clinical career focused on ovarian aging, immunological issues and other difficult cases of infertility.

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