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Egg Donation Canada - Consider the US as an Alternative

Info for Canadian Recipients

A significant number of Canadian patients have contacted CHR about our egg donor program in recent years, and the number seems to be growing every year. CHR's is a unique egg donor program in the US, offering, likely, the largest and most diverse egg donor pool anywhere in the world.

"CHR is a fast, anonymous alternative to Donor IVF in Canada"

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US vs. Canadian Egg Donors

The program is especially relevant to Canadian patients because legal circumstances surrounding egg donation in the U.S. differ significantly from those in Canada, and allow us to offer not only great choice of donor eggs for Canadian patients but also immediate access to an excellent donor. To summarize, here are the distinguishing features of our egg donation program that might be of interest to patients looking for an egg donor in Canada:

  • Immediate matching: Most of our 180+ donors are immediately available. There is no waiting list.
  • Extensive information: You will receive extensive information about your donor, including photographs and/or short videos.
  • The choice is yours: You will be the person ultimately in charge of selecting your donor, and you will be able to make your own choice.
  • Complete anonymity: Our program guarantees anonymity to donor and recipient, though on rare occasions, if so desired by donor and recipient, we also perform so-called "open" or "directed" donations, where both parties void their anonymity voluntarily.
  • Convenience: Because a large proportion of CHR's patients are long-distance patients from outside the larger New York City area (both from within the United States, Canada and overseas), we know how to manage the logistics and stress of such long-distance relationships. Most of your preparatory steps will be arranged at an IVF center near your home. You will have to come to New York City just once for a few days.
  • Gender selection: Canadian patients undergoing egg donation cycles may also be eligible for elective gender selection through IVF and PGD, which is legal in the U.S., and performed in-house at CHR.

Two Different Donor Egg Options

CHR offers two distinctly different donor egg programs, both in terms of how the programs work and in terms of program costs: (I) The Standard Donor Egg Program (SDEP), as already described above, and (II) the so-called Eco-Donor Egg Program (EcoDEP). In the standard donor egg program, recipients receive fresh donor eggs, while in the EcoDEP they receive donor eggs previously retrieved and frozen, which then are thawed and fertilized with sperm once selected by a recipient. In both programs, our center offers immediately available donor eggs.

Last Updated: November 15, 2014

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