Dr. Gleicher Weighs in on Mini IVF on Fox News

In a Fox News Health article, journalist Julie Revelant interviewed CHR’s Medical Director and Chief Scientist, Norbert Gleicher, MD, on the merits and demerits of “mini IVF.” Mini IVF, or minimal-stimulation IVF, uses lower doses of ovarian stimulation medications than standard IVF. Proponents argue that mini IVF results in better-quality eggs; some patients are attracted to mini IVF because of the milder side effects from medications.

Dr. Gleicher explained in the article that egg quality and quantity usually go in parallel in standard IVF cycles, refuting the unsupported notion that mini IVF cycles produce better-quality eggs and pregnancy rates comparable to standard IVF cycles.

CHR offers a form of mini IVF, called EcoIVF. This minimal-stimulation IVF program is designed to expand IVF access to patients who otherwise may not be able to afford a cycle of standard IVF. EcoIVF, just like mini IVF, uses lower doses of medications, which reduces medication costs as well as monitoring costs; EcoIVF also has drawback just like mini IVF, in that the number of eggs and pregnancy rates will most likely be lower than those from a standard IVF cycle.

Norbert Gleicher, MD, leads CHR’s clinical and research efforts as Medical Director and Chief Scientist. A world-renowned reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Gleicher has published hundreds of peer-reviewed papers and lectured globally while keeping an active clinical career focused on ovarian aging, immunological issues and other difficult cases of infertility.