Business Insider Quotes CHR’s Dr. Gleicher

In two separate articles Business Insider quoted Norbert Gleicher, MD, on the present state and future of infertility treatment.

In the first article, 3 Revolutionary Technologies That Could Make it Possible For Women to Have Babies at Any Age, Ellie Kincaid quotes Dr. Gleicher exclusively and at length about in vitro egg maturation, sperm and oocyte generation form somatic cells, human gene editing, and the general evolution of society with medicine.

“We will reach a threshold where age no longer matters and women will be able to conceive probably pretty much independent of their age,” Dr. Gleicher, CHR’s medical director and chief scientist, told Business Insider.
In a second article, Kincaid again quotes Dr. Gleicher, this time in concert with other fertility specialists, on the current scientific and social state of egg and embryo freezing.

“I think that at the current time, egg freezing is an important concept for a small group of women — only a small group of women,” Gleicher is quoted as saying.

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Watch Dr. Gleicher further explain CHR’s approach to oocyte cryopreservation here.

Norbert Gleicher, MD, leads CHR’s clinical and research efforts as Medical Director and Chief Scientist. A world-renowned reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Gleicher has published hundreds of peer-reviewed papers and lectured globally while keeping an active clinical career focused on ovarian aging, immunological issues and other difficult cases of infertility.