Brief Case Studies in Clinical Infertility

Mar 16, 2021

Is there a place for DHEA and CoQ10 in women undergoing “planned” egg-freezing? At CHR, women undergoing egg-freeing cycles undergo a very ... Read More


How to individualize fertility treatments in women with low functional ovarian reserve (LFOR)

Jun 03, 2020

We here continue the series on how to individualize fertility treatments in women with low functional ovarian reserved (LFOR), often also ... Read More


How to individualize fertility treatment for women with low functional ovarian reserve (LFOR)

May 07, 2020

#1 in a series on DOR/LFOR With CHR, likely being an extreme example (median age 43 years), patient populations in ... Read More

Anti-Müllerian Hormone

COVID-19: What can I do to continue on my fertility journey?

Apr 02, 2020

[This article deals with a rapidly developing situation. It was written by Norbert Gleicher, MD, on March 31, 2020 and ... Read More


What is Androderm patch used for in fertility treatment, and how?

Jan 09, 2020

That the Androderm patch has suddenly become a topic of conversation on blogs, forums and social media is, for a ... Read More


How CHR views recent IVF add-ons

Jan 09, 2020

OPINIONS 012: 1/9/2020 Introduction Add-ons to IVF are finally attracting more attention in the medical literature as well as the ... Read More


Female Sexual Wellbeing in Pre-menopausal Women: A New Indication for DHEA

Apr 30, 2019

CONFLICT STATEMENT: Readers of this article should be aware that CHR and CHR investigators have applied for an U.S. patent, ... Read More


What are the side effects of DHEA?

Apr 29, 2019

DHEA has few serious side effects Already a number of years ago, a worldwide survey of IVF centers revealed that ... Read More


PCOS' effects on egg quality are age-dependent

Mar 29, 2019

Whether PCOS negatively affects egg quality is a complex question, in part due to the diversity within a PCOS diagnosis ... Read More


What happens to ovaries during female-to-male transition

Feb 26, 2019

Changes in the ovaries during gender transition taught us about androgens' role in female fertility This is, indeed, a very ... Read More


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