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Spotlight on Postpartum Depression

Two New York Times articles last week shed light on an important but often-overlooked issue around pregnancy: depression and premature births. Depression in both mothers and fathers during pregnancy increases the risk of "moderately premature birth," at 32-36 weeks' gestation, according to a Well article based on a Swedish study published in British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (BJOG).... Read More

End of IVF? Not So Fast.

"End of Test Tube Baby," runs the title of an article in UK's Daily Telegraph about a tiny device for IVF that lets fertilization happen in the mother's uterus, rather than in the laboratory. The porous device, the size of a grain of rice, contains the eggs retrieved from the ovaries after ovarian stimulation and sperm. Instead of mixing them together in a glass dish in the laboratory, eggs and... Read More

ASRM Gives Dr. Gleicher Their Star Award

CHR Medical Director and Chief Scientist Norbert Gleicher, MD, is among the American Society for Reproductive Medicine's Star Award recipients this year.   The honor is awarded annually to recognize and thank members who have dedicated hours of time and service to shape ASRM into the leading Society for reproductive medicine.   Dr. Gleicher has presented during at least... Read More

End-of-Year Donation to Foundation for Reproductive Medicine

Dear Patient: It is thanks to people like you that our research continues to grow, and we are able to offer patients better care and better outcomes. Our treatments are dependent on research conducted within the walls of CHR and supported by The Foundation for Reproductive Medicine (FRM). The FRM has for decades supported research at CHR. If you are searching for a charity, where your... Read More

Here we go again: The politically correct but scientifically mistaken attack on twin pregnancies in association with IVF

It started in Europe but now has crossed the Atlantic. It has become the "politically correct" thing to say in the U.S. : "Twin pregnancies after infertility treatments, especially in association with IVF, represent an undesired treatment outcome and, therefore, should be avoided." The Economist, usually a well-informed publication when reporting on medical developments, fell into this trap in... Read More

Miscarriage – The Loss, Pain and Moving On

Now that my “IVF 101” series reached embryo transfer and the “two-week wait,” I wanted to touch on something that hopefully you won’t have to go through after a successful pregnancy via IVF: a miscarriage. The pain from a loss due to miscarriage is unlike anything like you might experience in your life – and it’s a unique experience to one’s infertility, or rather... Read More

Magda Cartveli, RN!

Magda Cartveli, one of our dedicated clinical coordinators, is now Magda Cartveli, RN. After lots of hard work, she just passed the NCLEX exam. Now that she is a Registered Nurse, Magda was also promoted to the Clinical Supervisor position. We are sure she will excel in her new role! Congratulations, Magda! Everyone at CHR is proud of... Read More

IVF 101: Sara’s Guide to IVF (Part V)

In my last post, I described the last major step in the IVF process: The Embryo Transfer. What’s next? Well, it’s time for the Two Week Wait. So congratulations to me. I made it through the weeks of intense medication, doctor visits and overall anxiety of the IVF process. So now what? Is it my time to just sit back and plan for nine months from now with the hopes of becoming a mother?... Read More

CHR Guest Blogger to host infertility event

CHR guest blogger Sara, of Laughing at the I-Word, is hosting a meet and greet infertility support event in New York City on Wednesday, June 25th at 7 p.m. When it comes to coping with infertility, talking with those who can relate can be a great relief. Regardless of where they are on their journey, anyone who has ever struggled with infertility is encouraged to attend. The event will... Read More

IVF 101: Sara’s Guide to IVF (Part IV)

In my last post I described the part of the my IVF cycle known as The Retrieval. This post will pick up from there and describe the next step: Embryo Transfer. After retrieval, the eggs and sperm start doing their “thing” in the lab and hopefully embryos start developing via fertilization. Developing means the embryo cells are dividing many times to a point where it is nearly ready to... Read More