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Our monthly newsletter read by physicians and patients alike, CHR VOICE is the best place to get up to date on the latest developments in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. VOICE offers information and opinions on infertility research and treatment from the perspective of CHR, a fertility center respected around the world for its focus on helping patients with difficult, complicated infertility cases. Please sign up here to receive CHR VOICE in emails.

CHR Voice September 2014

-+*In this issue:  David F. Albertini, PhD, New Director, Division of Laboratories Also in this issue: Fertility Preservation Center – New Director … Read more

CHR Voice June 2014

-+*Expansion of Fertility Preservation Program for young cancer patients Monthly CHR UPDATE 06-14

CHR Voice May 2014

-+*CHR’s IVF Pregnancy Outcomes in 2013 Monthly CHR UPDATE 05-14

CHR Voice April 2014

-+*A new treatment protocol for worst prognosis patients Monthly CHR UPDATE 04-14

CHR Voice March 2014

-+*CHR’s patient population is getting older and more difficult Monthly CHR UPDATE 03-14

CHR Voice February 2014

-+*Making the deadline: Tackling abstract submissions at CHR Monthly CHR UPDATE 02-14

CHR Voice December 2013

-+*Goodbye 2013: Another year of growth at CHR Monthly CHR UPDATE 12-13

CHR VOICE: July 2013

-+*Read this issue in PDF CHR generates 18 abstracts for ASRM 2013 During July and August these pages usually go … Read more