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CHR Update June 2011

-+*As we are entering our usually very busy summer months, the world around us remains unsettled. Between a barely perceivable … Read more

CHR Update May 2011

-+*The “Surgery for Infertility?” Issue You may be hearing all the CHR staff exhaling by the time this UPDATE appears … Read more

CHR Update April 2011

-+*As briefly mentioned in last month’s UDPATE, April is probably the busiest month of the year at CHR, because by … Read more

CHR Update March 2011

-+*Cross-Border Reproductive Care Interestingly, Europe has become the center of a very vigorous debate on so-called cross-border reproductive care, a … Read more

CHR Update June 2010

-+*This is our last UPDATE before the summer break, when UPDATEs are published only if special events mandate immediate communication. … Read more

CHR Update May 2010

-+*Research at CHR May 3, 2010 is the deadline for abstract submissions to the Annual Meeting of the ASRM in … Read more

CHR Update March 2010

-+*A little more about 2009 treatment outcomes E-mails have been pouring in in response to our center’s exceptionally high 2009 … Read more

CHR Update June 2009

-+*With Memorial Day behind us, and despite probably one of the coldest and wettest springs in recent memory, we are … Read more

CHR Update July 2009

-+*On repeated occasions in the past, we have noted the quite significant changes the CHR’s patient population has undergone over … Read more