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CHR Update April 2007

THE AGING OVARY Everybody following CHR’s research over the last few years will have noticed the Center’s strong preoccupation with … Read more

CHR Update January 2007

FEMALE IN FERTILITY AND AUTOIMMUNITY: PART 1 Only very few topics generate as much controversy amongst fertility specialists as the … Read more

CHR Update September 2006

As the summer of 2006 is unfortunately reaching its conclusion, we are very pleased to offer another UPDATE on the … Read more

CHR Update August 2006

THE ECO-IVF PROGRAM As of July 1, 2006 we are pleased to offer an economic, new low-cost IVF program. Under … Read more

CHR Update April 2006

AN UPDATE ON DHEA Our work with DHEA is continuing and there is, indeed, further progress to report. Let us … Read more

CHR Update December 2005

The Aging Ovary The female ovary, unfortunately, ages. In approximately 90% of women this aging process takes place along a … Read more

CHR Update November 2001

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) for Repeated Pregnancy Loss For couples affected by repeated (or “habitual”) pregnancy loss, the experience of … Read more

CHR Update February 2009

Despite all the bad economic news, we hope that all of our readers experienced a good transition into the New … Read more