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CHR Update April 2009

-+*Does IVF increase birth defects? After over 3 million IVF births worldwide proved the initial concerns about “freakishly malformed babies” … Read more

CHR Update October 2008

-+*We don’t know what, suddenly, made CHR so popular with the television media, but the last few weeks have been … Read more

CHR Update September 2008

-+*As, climate-wise, a rather unusual summer comes to its end, and the rest of the world returns from vacations, we … Read more

CHR Update July 2008

-+*CHR founder honored by British Fertility Society In what may constitute the highest honor in this medical specialty, CHR Founder … Read more

CHR Update March 2008

-+*FERTILITY PRESERVATION There are many roads that lead to Rome, and there are many reasons why women may choose to … Read more

CHR Update February 2008

-+*With February 1, as the deadline for submissions to the Annual ESHRE (European Society) Meeting which, this year in June, … Read more

CHR Update January 2008

-+*New Physician, New Institute We are very pleased to be able to report that the year 2008, here at CHR, … Read more

CHR Update June 2007

-+*May 1 was the deadline for abstract submission to the Annual Meeting of the ASRM, which this year will take … Read more

CHR Update April 2007

-+*THE AGING OVARY Everybody following CHR’s research over the last few years will have noticed the Center’s strong preoccupation with … Read more