CHR paper on manipulation of SART outcome reporting stirs up debate

Last month, CHR’s study revealing some IVF centers’ data manipulation in IVF outcome reporting to CDC/SART was electronically published in Fertility & Sterility. Since then, the study has garnered considerable attention within and outside of our field, and sparked some conversation among the paper’s lead investigator, Dr. Vitaly A. Kushnir, the co-authors and a few journalists as well as those involved on the CDC side.

The study was featured in Reuters Health, where artificial inflation of pregnancy rates to gain economic advantage was highlighted. The Reuters story has been picked up by Canadian media.

In addition, the team at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) responsible for the outcome reporting recently published a response to the CHR paper. In their response, the National ART Surveillance System (NASS) group, led by Dr. Dmitry Kissin, agreed that the clinical outcome reporting “needs to keep pace with rapidly changing clinical practice.” Further, the response stated that the NASS team is considering revisions to the “data collection to better assess new methods and technologies.”

We are happy to have started the necessary dialogue on this issue and hope that this momentum will be followed by quick action.

If you are interested in learning more about the IVF outcome reporting and loopholes that enabled this kind of data manipulation, please join Dr. Kushnir on a live webcast on Tuesday, July 16th at 12:30 pm (EST). Link to registration, along with more webcast details, is available here.