DHEA Questions Answered by Fertility Specialists

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Our fertility experts recently took to Twitter to team up with some influential infertility bloggers for anonline Q&A about DHEA and infertility. Women sent their questions to infertility “tweeter” @ivffervescent, who forwarded those questions to us. These included:

  • How is DHEA thought to improve egg quality?
  • What’s the difference between DHEA and CoQ10?
  • How long before starting IVF should you take DHEA?

And many more.
Read the blog post here.

DHEA supplementation is of special interest to us at CHR – we pioneered the use of the supplement for ovarian reserve all the way back in 2005. Today, over one third of fertility centers around the world use DHEA in their infertility treatment programs.

What Questions Would YOU Ask CHR?

We really enjoy sharing our knowledge and expertise with the people we do our research for: infertility patients. We got some great feedback from all those involved in the Q&A, so much so that we’re thinking about doing another Q&A next month about another infertility topic. Connect with us on Twitter, and keep an eye on our tweets – we’ll be announcing it soon.