Dr. Gleicher questions Quebec’s single embryo transfer policy in Le Devoir

In a recent feature article, Le Devoir, a French-language Quebec newspaper, evaluated the effects of the 2010 legislation that placed strict restrictions on the number of embryos to be transferred in in vitro fertilization cycles. In the article, Dr. Gleicher provided a counter argument to many Quebec fertility specialists who praised the legislation for dramatically reducing the rate of multiple pregnancies down to single digits in the region.

Dr. Gleicher pointed out that the significant decrease in the IVF success rates is too costly for the possible benefits of reduced multiple pregnancy rates. Indeed, in Quebec, 43% of IVF treatments ended in a pregnancy in 2009. After the introduction of the strict SET policy, that number is now down to 29%.

For more information on CHR’s stance on balancing pregnancy rates and multiple birth risks in IVF cycles, please refer to our IVF and twins page.