News on CHR’s early retrieval publication

We are very pleased to report that CHR’s 2015 paper, Wu et al., Aging-related premature luteinization of granulosa cells is avoided by early oocyte retrieval, in the prestigious Journal of Endocrinology (2015;226:167-180), according to a letter received from the Managing Editor of the journal, was “one of the top downloaded articles from the journal’s website during 2015.”

43+The paper described the novel finding that in women over 43 with diminished ovarian reserve, characterized by low AMH and/or high FSH levels, have a different hormonal profile in the granulosa cells. The study further showed that when they had oocytes retrieved slightly earlier than is typically done, women over 43 had a better quantity and quality of embryos, and saw better IVF pregnancy rates, as Dr. Barad explains in the video.


We have to acknowledge that this did not come as a surprise because we consider this one of the most important papers CHR published in the last few years, which will change IVF practice globally.

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