Oldest woman ever to conceive with own eggs delivers after IVF at CHR

CHR is pleased to report that what, likely, represents the oldest woman ever to have conceived with IVF with use of her own eggs, during September delivered a healthy baby girl, after undergoing IVF at CHR. At time of her embryo transfer in 2016, the mother was 47 years and 10 months old.

CHR in 2016 also established an IVF pregnancy in an even slightly older woman (she was 2 weeks short of age 48 at time of embryo transfer); but this patient unfortunately miscarried after fetal heart.

Because both of these cases are in detail reported in a submitted paper to a medical journal, we currently are not permitted to disclose further details. They will be forthcoming after publication of the paper.

This is a part of the October 2017 VOICE.

Norbert Gleicher, MD, leads CHR’s clinical and research efforts as Medical Director and Chief Scientist. A world-renowned specialist in reproductive endocrinology, Dr. Gleicher has published hundreds of peer-reviewed papers and lectured globally while keeping an active clinical career focused on ovarian aging, immunological issues and other difficult cases of infertility.