Fertility Updates

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CHR Update June 2011

With the June UPDATE, we traditionally enter the summer break and, unless urgent matters require communication, don’t publish further UPDATEs … Read more

Research Publications

CHR's focus on basic and clinical research has brought many breakthough treatments to infertility parents. Find out the latest results of our translational research.

Improvements in IVF in women of advanced age.

IVF success rates for women over 40 can improve with pretreatment targeting the early stages of egg development. Published in … Read more


OPINIONs is a unique commentary series reflecting CHR's independent voices on reproductive endocrinology medicine and beyond.

White Paper in Response to the "Response to the NEW YORK Magazine” by Santiago Munné, Chief Science Officer of CooperGenomics

OPINIONs 011: October 27, 2017 Background On October 6, 2017, Santiago Munné, PhD, posted a formal response to Stephen S. … Read more


New research projects, experimental treatments, new staff members, thoughts on various "fads" in the field — VOICE, CHR's monthly update, is always abuzz. Stay up-to-date here.

Big Congratulations to Evelyn Telfer, PhD

Evelyn Telfer, PhD, professor and Personal Chair in Reproductive Biology at University of Edinburgh, a close research collaborator of David … Read more

Educational Videos

Watch CHR's physicians and scientists explain various infertility conditions, treatments, and research projects in short video.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Video

Individualization is Important for IVF Treatment David Barad, MD discusses why individualization is crucial in order to achieve the highest … Read more

CHR in the Media

Reproductive endocrinologists at CHR often contribute expert commentary to media reports. Here are a few recent media appearances of CHR physicians and scientists.

Human Eggs Reach Maturity in the Lab: Dr. Albertini Explains

You may have heard the news that a mostly British team of researchers were able to culture immature human eggs … Read more

Press Relations

Press releases on important research progress and industry tips for the media.

What to do About Large Numbers of Abandoned Human Embryos? | Press Release

For immediate release February 9, 2018 (New York, NY) – Norbert Gleicher, MD, Medical Director and Chief Scientist of New … Read more