TIME Magazine Features CHR’s Embryo Adoption Program

In its latest article about embryo adoption, TIME magazine discusses CHR’s unique embryo adoption program, which allows adoptive patients to see the donated embryos’ genetic characteristics, giving the couples a chance to have a baby.

The article, by Sarah Elizabeth Richards, examines the gut-wrenching problem facing many couples who have completed a successful IVF cycle: what should be done with their excess embryos?

In general, couples have four choices: donate the embryos to research, discard them, leave them in storage for future transfer, or put them up for embryo adoption.

Although embryo adoption met some resistance in the past, it has become an increasingly popular and obvious choice.  “You have embryos you don’t want,” Richards points out.  “Other people desperately want them.”

CHR pioneered of the concept of embryo adoption — in fact, we coined that now-widely-accepted term. In the video below, CHR’s Founder, Medical Director, and Chief Scientist, Dr. Norbert Gleicher explains our embryo adoption program and answers such questions as:

  • What is embryo adoption?
  • What is the cost of embryo adoption?
  • How does the CHR test embryos available for adoption?
  • Why does our center offer embryo adoption?



Our website has a wealth of additional information about embryo donation.  If you would like to consult one of our fertility specialists about our embryo adoption program, please feel free to contact us.