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Control of primordial follicle reawakening by Kit via Foxo3

Tuesday, April 18th

For the GrandRounds on April 18th, Dr. Diego Castrillon from UT Southwestern Medical Center will present on the mechanism of primordial follicle activation.

Diego Castrillon, MD, PhD

Professor and Vernie A Stembridge M.D., Distinguished Chair in Pathology, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX
Dr. Castrillon is a board certified anatomical pathologist, specializing in the diagnosis of obstetric and gynecologic diseases, with a clinical and research emphasis on biomarkers of diseases and early detection; cervical cancer; endometrial cancers and precancers; and ovarian cancer.


Women are born with finite numbers of oocytes stockpiled as primordial follicles. Oocytes are “reawakened” via an ovarian-intrinsic process that initiates their growth. Dr. Castrillon’s presentation is based on a recent genetic study, recently published by his laboratory in the journal PLoS ONE, that utilized a novel loss-of-function allele, Kit. Kit inactivation within oocytes also led to premature ovarian failure, albeit via a contrasting phenotype. Despite normal initial complements of primordial follicles, oocytes remained dormant with arrested oocyte maturation The presentation provides formal genetic proof that Kit controls oocyte reawakening, focusing future investigations into the causes of primary ovarian insufficiency and ovarian aging.


At the end of the lecture, learners should be able to:

  • Describe the basic circuity operating within the oocyte to control primordial follicle reawakening (activation)
  • Explain the animal and genetic model systems useful to explore this otherwise difficult-to-study biology
  • List the key unanswered questions in the field


Cocktails: 6 PM

Lecture: 7 PM

Complimentary Dinner: 8 PM


Bagatelle Restaurant

1 Little W 12th Street
New York, NY 10014

A Meatpacking District staple and NYC institution, Bagatelle is a French bistro established in 2008 by two Frenchmen. The opulent space, decorated with graffiti art and filled with lively music, has a relaxed yet sexy vibe, reminiscent of a beloved restaurant in Europe. The food is French seasonal, with traditional dishes like the whole roasted chicken with truffles and baby potatoes, and grilled Maine lobster served over linguine with a secret sauce.

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