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Alternatives to Egg Freezing

Like any other medical treatment, egg freezing has alternatives, and cost-benefit and risk-benefit considerations must support the patient’s decision. We offer each woman who is considering egg freezing a consultation with a reproductive endocrinologist to help her determine whether the procedure is right for her.

In the consultation, the physician works to understand the circumstances guiding the woman’s decision, discusses her medical history, and explains testing options to determine her risk of developing premature ovarian aging, or POA. The physician will also discuss available alternatives, including foregoing fertility preservation (which may be appropriate for a woman in her mid-twenties with an ovarian reserve that is appropriate for her age), considering having children at an earlier age, or embryo freezing.

In contrast to egg freezing, embryo freezing has been an established procedure for decades, with solid, long term research outcome data available. Especially for couples who are married or in committed relationships, embryo freezing may be a more reliable method of fertility preservation than egg freezing.

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If you’re considering freezing your eggs, CHR offers a free online screening called What’s My Fertility that tells you whether you’re truly at risk for reduced fertility during your 30s. Developed by the fertility specialists at CHR, a screening from What’s My Fertility tells you:

  • Your risk of developing premature ovarian aging (POA), a silent cause of infertility that affects 1 in 10 women
  • How fertile you may be in the future
  • Whether egg freezing is a good option for you.
Egg Donation NYC

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Last Updated: November 18, 2019

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1/3 of women who have been told they need egg donation actually wind up conceiving at the CHR with their own eggs.