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More than half of the patients who visit the Center for Human Reproduction come from outside the immediate area and many from other countries. Premier fertility experts Norbert Gleicher, MD, FACOG, FACS, and David Barad, MD, MS, FACOG, understand the needs of international patients. The entire team works together to make sure you feel comfortable, secure, and positive at all times. Learn more about how they can help you build your family by calling the office in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City or clicking the online scheduling link.

International Patients Q & A

Can international patients have fertility treatments?

The Center for Human Reproduction regularly welcomes international patients for fertility treatments in their New York City office. When you need fertility services to become a parent, you naturally want the very best available — and that's what leads you to the Center for Human Reproduction. 

The team understands your unique needs as an international patient, and they go to great lengths to make you comfortable. The clinical coordinators, physicians, and travel affiliates all work together and independently to meet all your needs, including medical services, accommodations, and even conversing in your preferred language. 

The team has members who speak Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Polish, German, Georgian, Romanian, Japanese, Hebrew, and Tagalog. They're happy to arrange interpreters if your native language isn't on this list. 

How does the fertility program for international patients work?

In most cases, the Center for Human Reproduction team coordinates with a trusted in vitro fertilization (IVF) center in your home country to provide complete care that the center’s physicians dictate from New York City. 

Although every international patient has a unique journey, treatment generally follows the following path:

  • Initial consultation via video conferencing
  • The clinical coordinator arranges a local IVF center near you
  • Preliminary testing at your local IVF center
  • Deciding your treatment course
  • Starting your IVF cycle with your local provider
  • Regular monitoring at your local IVF center
  • Traveling to New York City

The amount of time that you spend in New York City can vary with your chosen treatment path. On average, an IVF cycle takes four days or a maximum of a week. With an egg donation, you may just need one or two days. Many prospective parents from out of the area opt for donor eggs or embryos.

If you opt for gender selection, it takes longer (around five or six days) because the lab techs must culture the embryos longer to determine sex. 

Can international patients get help for complicated fertility problems?

The Center for Human Reproduction specializes in complex fertility problems, which is one of the reasons that more than 50% of patients who come in for consultations come from far away. 

The esteemed infertility experts routinely treat women with diminished ovarian reserve very successfully, and they also specialize in advanced sperm retrieval methods for infertile men

If your local fertility specialists don't feel you can have a baby, that doesn't rule it out. The Center for Human Reproduction can help, even if you've already had multiple failed IVF cycles. 

To learn more about how the international patient program at the Center for Human Reproduction can help you have a baby, call the office or click on the online consultation link.