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LGBTQ+ Specialist

Center for Human Reproduction

Infertility Specialists located in Upper East Side, New York, NY

At the Center for Human Reproduction, esteemed fertility specialists Norbert Gleicher, MD, FACOG, FACS, and David Barad, MD, MS, FACOG, understand that LGBTQ+ family building may require a special approach. They offer customized fertility services for gay, lesbian, transgender, intersex, and nonbinary couples who want to start their family-building journey in a welcoming, supportive, and respectful environment. To learn more, call the office in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City or click on the online scheduling link.


What are the different LGBTQ+ family building options for men?

For a single man or a same-sex male couple, selecting a gestational carrier is the first step in family building. You choose your carrier and make independent legal arrangements with them. 

According to New York state law, the Center for Human Reproduction doesn’t broker gestational carrier arrangements. But, if you need help finding a gestational carrier, the Center for Human Reproduction can refer you to a trusted local surrogacy agency. 

Next, you choose an egg donor from the extensive donor list. With the egg donation and a sperm donation from you or your partner, the team creates embryos in the lab. Then, they perform an egg transfer procedure for your chosen gestational carrier. 

What are the different LGBTQ+ family building options for women?

For single women or same-sex female couples, the Center for Human Reproduction offers various paths to having a baby. The initial steps include deciding who carries the baby and whose eggs you want to use. 

With LGBTQ+ family building, some female couples choose for one partner to carry the baby and the other to donate the egg, or it may be the same woman in both cases. 

You also need donor sperm. The Center for Human Reproduction works with well-known area sperm banks if you need guidance in this area. You can also opt for an "open" sperm donation, in which you use the sperm of someone you know. In that case, there's a six-month or longer quarantine period before egg fertilization. 

If the woman who wants to carry the baby has a fully functioning reproductive system, intrauterine insemination (IUI) is an option. If not, or if you simply want a higher chance of conception, you can choose in vitro fertilization (IVF).

If neither IUI or IVF works for your situation, you can also opt for a donated embryo. But, the Center for Human Reproduction has a small number of donor embryos available. 

What does transgender LGBTQ+ family building include?

At the Center for Human Reproduction, the team respects the unique individual needs of transgender individuals and couples. 

As part of the LGBTQ+ family building program, they offer all options, including egg donation, sperm donation, IUI, IVF, and egg transfer to gestational carriers, customized for personal needs. 

The Center for Human Reproduction gives you respectful care and truly compassionate support throughout your LGBTQ+ family building journey. All are welcome, so call the office or schedule an appointment online.