How to Choose the Best Fertility Clinic

The best fertility center for you is the one whose specialization, experience, and treatment offerings are most likely to result in a successful, healthy pregnancy for you. Being clear on what you need clinically, logistically and emotionally will help you make a balanced decision. Also make sure to factor in things like cost, travel time, your comfort level with your fertility doctor.

Because every patient is different, it’s important to start with a clear picture of everything you’re looking for in a fertility clinic. Below, we have assembled a list of key considerations to help fertility patients find a clinic with both the resources and experience to fit their specific needs.

  • Expertise. Whether you’re unsure of what your fertility issues are and need thorough testing to uncover the true cause, or you already know what your fertility problems are, it is vital to find a fertility clinic with real expertise in treating your condition.
  • Put yourself first. Think about your personal needs during your treatment, and only consider clinics that can meet those needs.
  • Knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions - the knowledge gained will help you decide whether you’ve chosen the best fertility clinic for you.
  • Principles. Make sure that you not only understand the clinic’s treatment philosophy, but that it aligns with what you feel is important for your fertility journey.

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The Right Questions to Ask When Looking For the Best Fertility Clinic for You

Below are some questions you might consider asking yourself, or the infertility clinics you are considering.

Complexity of Your Condition

Are you dealing with a relatively simple case like blocked tubes, or do you have more complex infertility issues like unexplained infertility? Is the fertility clinic able to handle your level of infertility issues? Does the clinic treat other patients with issues like yours?

Age of Female Patient

The older you are, the more likely it is that you need a more highly-specialized treatment program in order to get pregnant successfully. Can the fertility clinic you’re considering address age-related infertility appropriately, without pushing you too aggressively into egg donation?


What have other patients said about the fertility clinic? If you don’t know any former patients of the clinic, try doing your own research by checking reputable review sites. (But it’s important to read carefully, and take all reviews with a grain of salt - reviews are sometimes fabricated, and often posted by people who were not actually patients.)

IVF Success Rates

How important to you are IVF success rates published by CDC and SART? Some centers focus on “easy” patients to keep their success rates high, but may not be very good at treating patients with complex cases. Does the fertility clinic have good success rates for patients with conditions similar to yours?

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