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Almost 48-Year-Old Woman Delivers a Baby after IVF with Her Own Eggs

Center for Human Reproduction's Dr. Gleicher reports on the (likely) world's oldest IVF pregnancy with patient's own eggs that recently resulted in the birth of a healthy baby. The patient was almost 48 years old when she had her embryo transfer.

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In this month's newsletter, hey'rte very pleased to announce the healthy birth of a baby in a woman, who at 47 years and 10 months at time of her embryo transfer, is likely the oldest woman ever to have given birth following IVF. We transferred this patient in late 2016 and she delivered a healthy daughter just a few weeks ago. This is not even the oldest patient who in 2016 conceived with use of her own eggs at the Center for Human Reproduction. We indeed had another pregnancy in one of our patients, who was even 6 weeks older at time of her transfer. This patient, however, unfortunately miscarried her pregnancy of the fetal heart. We can not reveal further details about this case because it is part of a manuscript. We have already submitted for publication. Papers are not accepted by prestigious medical journals if the data in those manuscripts is revealed to the public prior to publication. We therefore will provide further detail on these pregnancies and other pregnancies in older women over the last three years here at CHR as soon as our manuscript has been published.

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