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Cancer and Fertility Preservation

The Center for Human Reproduction’s Dr. Vitaly A Kushnir explains how CHR’s Fertility Preservation Center incorporates the latest research findings and technological updates to offer comprehensive fertility preservation services for cancer patients.

The fertility preservation program here is quite different from a lot of other places in that, we are really a research oriented center, and what this means is that we are in contact with many colleagues around the world who are pioneering a lot of these fertility preservation techniques. And this puts us in a unique position where we can take some of the best ideas and not only our own, but also that of the leaders in the field, and incorporate them into our daily practice. And I think this is what really makes the difference in our fertility preservation program. Many of the services that we are offering are sometimes not available even at the large cancer centers in the area. We are a full service fertility preservation center in that, we can offer fertility preservation services to men, women and children. We can do so on very short notice, and an integral part of our approach here is what’s known as the multidisciplinary approach. This is where we work directly not only with the patient but also, with other physicians who are caring for that patient, whether it’s her cancer specialist or other doctors who are caring for her, and try to come up with a strategy that makes the most sense given the particular type of diagnosis that this patient is facing and the timeline that she is facing. So, I think these aspects of our program make it kind of unique.