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CHR's Approach to Overcoming Failed IVF

The Center for Human Reproduction's Dr. David H. Barad explains that fertility specialists at CHR treat each patient as an individual case and encourage patients to think of each treatment cycle as a fresh start.

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These patients who’ve failed time and time again in other centers are all in the process of making a decision. We encourage them to approach each cycle (each considered attempt) as a new entity. The continual decision is, “Do I keep trying with my own eggs or do I try something else like donor eggs?” So one might ask, “These people who have repeated failure with IVF, how do they fare?” It’s not surprising that they’re not going to do as well as a brand new, 24-year old couple who has discovered that they have some routine sort of fertility problem. It’s also not surprising to recognize that the chances of pregnancy are going to change depending on what age group the patients are in. We have just completed our submission of our pregnancy rates for 2013 and I’m happy to say that in spite of the fact that the majority of our patients have had repeated implantation failure elsewhere, we run about a 30% pregnancy rate per cycle for our younger patients, and even for our oldest patients who are still running about 5-6% pregnancy rate (early 40s and some in the mid 40s as well). Last year, in this set of 2013 reported cycles, we had three women who were 46 and one who was 45, who delivered babies.

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