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Early Egg Retrieval Improves Egg & Embryo Quality in Older Women

The Center for Human Reproduction's Dr. David H. Barad explains that changing the timing of egg retrieval for women over 40 resulted in better quality eggs and embryos.

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Taking the eggs, when the follicles are smaller, maybe two or three (or even four) millimeters smaller. So, we’ve been timing the retrievals when the follicles are about 14-16 millimeters in diameter. We’ve been gratified to see that we are getting fewer of these overripe eggs, more mature eggs and better-looking embryos. Hopefully over time this will result in more and more pregnancies. We even believe that we can do better if we get an immature egg (it’s better than getting one that’s already dead) and then mature that egg in the laboratory. So capturing an egg that’s still living, that we can still intervene with, has a lot of promise.

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