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Egg Donation Program- International (English)

Why international patients are coming to New York to find exemplary service: The Center for Human Reproduction offers a a vast range of egg donor ethnicities, and the greatest overall satisfaction with our International Egg Donation Program.

Egg donation for recipients from overseas, and from Canada, is probably the single most rapidly growing component of our Center’s total activity. New York is really unique in its multi-ethnic donor pool. We have patients coming here for Chinese donors who live in Mainland China or in Hong Kong. But they find better and more suitable Chinese donors here in the New York pool than they would find locally in Mainland China, or in Taiwan or in Hong Kong. The same thing obviously applies to European patients. Since we have Europeans here with all kinds of ethnic backgrounds, Italians will find an Italian donor, Scandinavians will find a Scandinavian donor, and South Americans will find a South American donor. This is such a rapidly growing component of our Center’s activity. The other one is of course that the regulations of egg donation in the United States are so tight that I think many patients trust the egg donation process here more so than in many other countries. They are more so motivated to come to New York City.