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Fertility Options for Gay Couples: Egg Donation & Surrogacy Programs

The Center for Human Reproduction’s Dr. David H. Barad discusses fertility options for male same-sex couples, including egg donation and options and limitations regarding surrogates (gestational carriers).

Some people want to know what fertility options for gay couples are. Obviously if you have a couple who are the same sex, you need to bring in another party in order to be able to accomplish your goal. CHR provides care to all people, so we’ve taken care of many gay couples, both two men and two women. It’s pretty straightforward. Obviously the missing parts are somewhat different in each case, so in the case of a gay man we need to have someone who will carry the baby. The carrier could be somebody they know or somebody that they bring to us from outside of New York. But, in general, it’s important to understand that in New York, CHR cannot broker any carrier arrangements, but we can transfer an embryo to anybody that a couple wants us to. So, if somebody presents who’s willing to carry the baby, we can transfer the baby there. So, in the case of the gay couple – two men – you need an egg donor and we would need to have somebody to carry the baby. We have a large pool of women who are willing to be egg donors, so it’s just simply a matter of finding appropriate donor, finding a carrier and then mixing the parts together and transferring the resulting embryo.