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Fertility Preservation at CHR

The Center for Human Reproduction’s Dr. Vitaly A Kushnir explains that fertility preservation involves several medical and surgical techniques for patients diagnosed with cancer or those who wish to delay pregnancy.

Fertility preservation is a means for women, children and men who are going to be facing treatment which can potentially impair their future fertility, to preserve some of that fertility potential before they undergo such treatment. In recent years, this has also been extended to certain social circumstances. For example, we’re seeing now a lot more women who haven’t met a spouse in their 30’s or even late 20’s who are coming in because they are interested in fertility preservation options because they are aware that fertility starts to decline as they approach their 40’s. So, fertility preservation really encompasses a variety of different medical and surgical techniques that are all aimed at preserving fertility. We believe that this is an essential part of treatment that should be offered to our patients. We’re seeing this today as a big change in medicine. We’re seeing that many patients who are diagnosed with cancer and with other medical conditions that potentially require therapies which can destroy or impair their fertility potential, are surviving those diagnoses and disease processes to a much later age. And so fertility has really become a central issue when dealing with many of these diseases because now it’s not just about surviving cancer, for example, it’s also quality of life after you’ve survived the cancer and reproduction is one of the most important things in life. And so, patients really have to be offered these options before they undergo such treatment. The second aspect is when women are looking to do fertility preservation for social reasons, we’re now seeing that many women are delaying child bearing until their late reproductive years when fertility begins to naturally decline. For this reason, many women have now become more aware of this and are seeking to preserve their fertility before this really becomes an issue for them.