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Fertility Preservation Options for Social Reasons

The Center for Human Reproduction’s Dr. Vitaly A Kushnir explains how women with different social and medical circumstances need different types of fertility preservation methods, so CHR offers a comprehensive range of methods for their patients.

In terms of social fertility preservation, I think this really requires an individualized approach because women that come to us for social fertility preservation are coming at different stages in their life and what I think differentiates us in this area is that we fully inform our patients about all the different options that they have and we don’t push them towards any one particular option. We give them a realistic assessment of how many eggs or how many embryos they would need to freeze, for example, as well as offering some of the other services that I talked about earlier as an alternative option. And we let the patient make up her own mind. We believe that if a fully informed patient is an appropriately consented patient who understands which treatments are the standard treatments and which treatments are experimental, she will be in a much better position of making the decision that is right for her long term fertility.