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Gender Selection

The two chief reasons that families pursue gender selection are to prevent known genetic anomolies from occurring, and to achieve family balancing, explains Dr. Norbert Gleicher MD in this video. The Center for Human Reproduction has years of experience dealing with both situations, and uses gender selection methods that are safe, proven, and successful.

Gender selection has been around for over 20 years for medical reasons because there are certain diseases which occur only in one gender, usually males, which are called sex-linked diseases – meaning that they are transmitted through the females but only the males express them. There are other diseases which have priorities in one gender or another which are less clearly defined. So, gender selection for that kind of purpose has been around for a very long time. Gender selection for social reasons, which is increasingly the larger volume in the marketplace, is a relatively newer phenomenon. That has been in practice for only approximately 10 years. But, that is the much more rapidly growing aspect of gender selection. We call it gender selection for family balancing purposes because we require that the couples should go through the process and get at least one child before we offer the gender selection process. [This is] only for balance for their first child or, as in the case in the vast majority of patients who approach us are those couples who have four girls and say ‘we have a perfectly fine family and we are done having kids, but if you can guarantee us that our next one is a boy we will give it one more try’. So, that usually is the social circumstance for gender selection.