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How Back-to-Back IVF Cycles Result in Higher Egg Yields

The Center for Human Reproduction’s Dr. David H. Barad explains that back-to-back IVF cycles can catch momentum from the previous cycle and carry it over to the current cycle. CHR encourages patients to start their second cycle within a 100-day window.

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Our clinical practice is to not have people wait for months after their first cycle, but to take them back into another cycle as soon as we can. We want to catch some of the momentum that’s acted on the ovary and carried over into the next cycle. We’ve been gratified to see some good response. The clinical indications of the study are that we don’t encourage our patients to wait a long time in between cycles. In fact, we would like to see them start the second cycle within that hundred day window so we can still carry on the momentum from a previous stimulation. The other thing that we’ve done – based on this understanding – is groom people who don’t want to do a whole series of IVF cycles by doing a few cycles of ovulation. We do this either with insemination or with intercourse before they come to their IVF cycle. We have had some success with that to and we call those priming cycles. We may even recommend two or three priming cycles before starting their first IVF cycle. That’s if they feel that they only want to go through a limited number of IVF cycles. Perhaps they have insurance coverage for 1 and not for the other.