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How Thyroid Function Affects Fertilty

The Center for Human Reproduction's Dr. David H. Barad explains that the thyroid gland can have a profound impact on fertility.

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When we're as endocrinologists reproductive endocrinologists we're not just interested in the ovary were interested in the other glands that are interacting with the ovary, and not just because they are glands they actually have some aspects that are functionally similar. The thyroid gland which is located in your neck, right over your thyroid cartilage is responsible for setting the pace for our metabolisms. People who have hyperthyroidism meaning you're producing too much thyroid gland will have a evidence of faster metabolism, their heart rate will go up go up over 100-110 it’s like setting the metronome too fast, it just runs faster people like that will lose weight have changes in there their hair grow and a variety of other metabolic things. In contrast, people who have a underactive thyroid will gain weight, will have more oily skin, other changes in their hair and all of these changes in metabolism and very slow heart rate. All these changes in metabolism can influence the ovary as well. So actually in common people with any thyroid abnormality can have changes in their menstrual cycles. So somebody might have always had a very normal regular cycle that cycle changes maybe gets spaced out irregular, maybe the breathing gets heavier,these things can be related to the thyroid gland and as a result tests of thyroid function are generally part of every fertility workup.

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