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How We Evaluate a Man’s Fertility

The Center for Human Reproduction’s Dr. Vitaly A Kushnir explains that male infertility can be determined by evaluating medical history and semen analysis.

The evaluation of male factor infertility really starts with a very thorough medical history, and history of sexual function, and the past sexual history. The next step in the evaluation is the very thorough physical exam, in particular with emphasis to body hair growth and testicular size and other developmental features that should be looked at. After this, the next most important test is semen analysis, and most men with infertility will have problems that are identified in their semen analysis, although that’s not universal. Some men will have infertility but will have a normal semen analysis, but the vast majority will have abnormalities in their sperm count. And then there are some specialized tests that should be done based on those initial tests, and these can involve a variety of hormonal tests, genetic tests, and some other specialized tests depending on exactly what is found on the initial evaluation.