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Hypo-Androgenic PCOS: Is This Your Diagnosis?

High AMH (relative to age or FSH levels), large egg production of low quality, auto-immune abnormalities, and low androgen levels (accompanied by high SHBJ) can all indicate hypo-androgenic PCOS. Speak to your doctor if you are facing any of these circumstances in conjunction with multiple failed IVF and IUI cycles.

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Hi, if you are patient and have gone through many attempts at conception (possibly at multiple fertility centers), think about the possibility that you may have what was only recently discovered-- the so called "hypo androgenic PCOS phenotype." Here in short, what may be the signs that this may be your diagnosis: If you have unusually high AMH (anti-mullerian hormone levels) either for your age or in proportion to your FSH levels. If you're producing an unusually large egg number (once again, either for your age or for your FSH levels), but the quality of those eggs is not great and therefore also the embryo quality is not great, think about this diagnosis. If you have auto immune problems. If you know that you have an autoimmune disease or if in the past you had some autoimmune abnormalities in your blood, think about this diagnosis because autoimmunity is very highly associated with this condition in a statistical way. And finally, the diagnosis is made if your androgen levels (especially your testosterone levels) are low, and your sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) is high. If you have one or more of these symptoms and you and your doctor haven't Yet been able to pin down why you're not getting pregnant despite multiple IUI and IVF cycles, think about hypo androgenic PCOS.

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