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Immature Eggs Benefit from Androgen Supplementation

The Center for Human Reproduction’s Dr. Norbert Gleicher explains that immature eggs can benefit from androgen supplementation months before ovulation because it takes 2-3 months for an immature egg to fully develop into an ovulation-ready egg.

By early stages we mean the after eggs a recruited to go into maturation. Women are born with their eggs and those eggs are sitting in the ovaries in a very primitive stage within very primitive follicles in a so called resting stage. It’s kind of like they are in the freezer and constantly some of those are recruited and they then start the journey of 2 3 sometimes even 4 months until one them every month reaches ovulation. It is those early-stages of follicle maturation right after recruitment two months or even more removed from ovulation where the testosterone the androgens are very important at so once we saw all that literature in animals we started to understand the HA was really doing, it also explained an observation we by that time had reached which was that we indeed did not see any effects of DHEA supplementation until approximately six weeks and that’s because retrieving the early stages and then we need to wait until his follicles reach more mature stages and become responsive to the medications we get 11-12 years later after our patient gave us this idea we have and very good understanding of how the HA works, we are much more sophisticated in how we monitor at the HA supplementation and I think it has made a tremendous contribution to our increasing success in women with a low functioning ovarian reserve.