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Instant-Match Egg Donor

Frustrated by long waiting list for an egg donor? The Center for Human Reproduction in New York can be a savior to patients frustrated by this, or those who look for specific qualities in their egg donors. At CHR, recipients can be matched with egg donors who are very close to their wishes within one or two days. With a 64% clinical pregnancy rate (with only one or two embryos transferred per cycle) and an 80+% cumulative pregnancy rate (using both fresh and frozen embryos), participants in CHR’s egg donor program have a very good chance of adding a much-anticipated new member to their families.

First of all we, indeed, have been doing egg donation for a very long time. There is significance to this because the more you do something, the longer you do it, the better you know it and the better results you get. I think that our results in egg donation speak for themselves. The pregnancy rates are outstanding for the last three years, pretty consistent 0:3464% clinical pregnancy rate with transfer of only 1 or 2 embryos. I think that is as good as it gets anywhere in the world. Since egg donors are usually young they produce lots of embryos, patients have additional embryos frozen, and so the cumulative pregnancy chance from fresh and frozen goes into the high 80’s. So, it’s a very very successful program. But, I think where our program differs probably from 99% [or more] of all other IVF programs worldwide is in the ability of recipients to choose their egg donors. To match them to their likes or dislikes. Because we are not only different to your [other] egg donation program where usually no or very little choice is given – as long as the ethnicity is right you basically either take or don’t take it. In our program at any given point we have over pre-screened donors who are ready to go. In other words, we don’t only start looking for donors when patients come in who need a donor. We make, at given point, a significant financial investment of pre-screening a lot of donors who may never be matched to a recipient. So, when a recipient comes to us with a particular wish list for an egg donor we usually within a day or two can match her with a very close match to her wish list. In other words, there is no waiting, matching goes very very quickly and couples can be in an egg donation cycle with a wonderful donor within a month. Which I think is unique and I don’t know of any other IVF center that can offer that.