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IVF Failures From the "Assembly Line" Approach

The Center for Human Reproduction's Dr. David H. Barad explains that one common reason for failed IVF cycles at other centers is that the treatment is not tailored to the individual patient.

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You might ask, “What are the common reasons that IVF cycles fail at these centers?” I don’t think there is any single reason, but the overarching impression is that some centers are not really paying attention to who the patient is. So, if you just get on an assembly line system - where everybody gets the same treatment - there’s no recognition that people are individuals and they need some sort of individual attention - then you are not tailoring the treatment to the person. At CHR we try to do that and we like to think that’s one of the reasons that we can still have success in this sort of unfavorable population that we have chose to treat.

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