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Learning From Failed IVF Cycles

The Center for Human Reproduction's Dr. David H. Barad explains that figuring out why a previous IVF treatment failed is key for helping a patient get pregnant in their next cycle. CHR does about 40% more testing than an average center to get to the bottom of the problem.

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When patients come to us all they know is that they are not pregnant yet and that’s all they are responsible for knowing. Some people will have had physicians who are knowledgeable and will talk to them about why they haven’t yet achieved pregnancy. In the case of the patients that come to us - many of them have been told that it is because their ovaries are not functioning well enough - that they have what the other doctors might call diminished ovarian reserve (what we’ve chosen to call low functional ovarian reserve). Some of them appear to have normal ovarian reserve and may not know why they are not getting pregnant. CHR casts a fairly big net for those people - looking at a variety of problems - a little more in-depth at their hormonal issues - a little more in-depth at possible immunological issues - being aware of the male factor issues which these days almost everybody can diagnose. We take a deeper look, probably about 40% more testing than an average center might do.

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