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LGBT Fertility Options: Traveling to CHR From Overseas for Fertility Treatment

The Center for Human Reproduction’s Dr. David H. Barad discusses legal rights for LGBT couples regarding sperm or egg donation, and how US law protects their choices.

There are many countries in the world in which access to donated gametes is very limited. We’re lucky in the United States that we have easier access to donated gametes. Certainly, there are large sperm banks, and CHR has a very large pool of egg donors. So for people who come from countries where they have this limited access, we can provide a large assortment of people from different backgrounds that couples can choose from to try to find somebody similar to themselves and have the kind of pregnancy they were hoping to have, not just have to settle. We’ve heard of some outside countries where the clinic chooses the donor for you, we don’t think that’s appropriate. We think that there’s enough feeling of loss of control as one goes through fertility issues and especially with the added layer of issues of being a gay or lesbian couple. We try to give as much control back as we can and we guide patients through the process. We like to think that there’s a lot of choice you have in going through our egg donors and choosing a donor.