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Male Infertility Risk Factors

The Center for Human Reproduction’s Dr. Vitaly A Kushnir discusses how male infertility can be caused by lifestyle choices such as use of body-building steroids, tobacco, and alcohol.

Male infertility has some lifestyle risk factors and causes that are often found. So think about this as men who, for example, use certain substances (like excessive amounts of alcohol or excessive amounts of smoking), men who abuse steroids when they’re body building, men who use testosterone (either because they’re body building or because it was prescribed to them by a doctor because they had low testosterone levels — this will actually decrease their sperm production). Also, environmental exposure: some men work in certain fields where they’re exposed to chemicals or volatile gases which can affect their sperm’s ability to function properly. Also, men who bike a lot can have issues with their sperm count. Men who are professional athletes. Men with obesity can often have problems with their fertility, as well. And this can be an important sign. If you are excessively obese and having fertility problems, you should seek evaluation fairly early.