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Symptoms of Functional Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and When to See a Doctor

Dr. Vitaly Kushnir of the Center for Human Reproduction in New York discusses the symptoms of functional hypothalamic amenorrhea.

Want to Consult Dr. Kushnir?

Now I think in this particular instance, somebody who is young and who’s not getting regular menstrual cycles on hew own, that is the body’s warning system that something is not going right. So if the menstrual cycles are really skipping and they’re not coming when they should every 28-36 days, if they’re really much much less frequent than that, this is a good time to be evaluated by a physician.

If a woman is trying actively to gain weight and is not able to, and she feels that she’s underweight, this may be a good sign, or that she’s trying to gain weight but she’s losing weight, this is a sign to see someone.

If she notices significant changes in her skin or her hair, she’s losing hair, she notices a change in her skin, the way that her skin feels, this can also be an early sign that there are some issues going on.

Also, any abnormal bone fractures, especially in younger women, should be a worrying sign that there may be a problem going on with the bones.