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Time is of the Essence When it Comes to Fertility Treatments

If you’re considering fertility treatment or fertility preservation, know that starting early can make a huge difference

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The first issue that is appropriate to talk about, when a new year starts, is time. We all make our new year’s resolutions as the new year comes upon us and not infrequently, those resolutions involve health issues including fertility related issues and nothing is as important in regards to infertility, as time, especially for women. I call this the only biological advantage that we men have over women, namely that we men constantly produce fresh sperm. Women however are born with all of their eggs and constantly lose eggs. Therefore, there is no renewal possible and that is the reason, why age and therefore time is so extremely important when it comes to female fertility.

Everything is better when we are younger and that applies also to infertility, particularly applies to fertility. Whether a woman is trying to conceive on her own or whether she is trying to conceive with the help of a fertility center. The younger the patient is the better. The same treatment in a younger woman will be more effective than in an older woman. Therefore, the first thing to remember when you are thinking about entering fertility treatment, time is of importance.