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Unexplained Infertility - The "Non-Diagnosis"

Unexplained Infertility as a diagnosis - Drs. David Barad and Norbert Gleicher of Center for Human Reproduction dont believe in Unexplained Infertility as a diagnosis. Too often, underlying cause of infertility is overlooked when Unexplained Infertility is handed out as a diagnosis. By identifying the real cause of infertility through tests in age-specific ovarian function, autoimmunity, genetics and other areas, CHR has been able to focus the infertility treatment more accurately on the root cause. In 90% of our patients, CHR is able to give the correct diagnosis within 2-3 weeks, instead of fleeing to the non-diagnosis of Unexplained Infertility.

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We have developed and are still in the process of improving upon these developments but we have developed ways to diagnosis premature ovarian aging, quite reliably. That involves some of our core research over the last five years through age specific ovarian function testing, some genetic testing, and immune testing. It is a real large research body that has given us that insight. By being able to pick out those patients we not only reach correct diagnosis but we also can apply, of course, correct treatment and therefore get much better pregnancy rates. In it's simplest form unexplained infertility means that the tubes are open, the women is making eggs and that the man is making sperm and that you don't know why you're not getting pregnant. On further inspection it's almost never true. Further inspection, there may be scars around the tubes, if you take a careful examination of not just the report from the radiologists about the tubal study but actually look at the films yourself. Every week we see films that are inappropriately read because the radiologists just don't have that much experience reading those films. Or, if you look more carefully at the ovarian parameters, somebody may not be menopausal but they may indeed have evidence that their ovaries aren't function appropriately for their age. Well, our strategy first and foremost will be to say to them, "We don't believe in that diagnosis and you need some additional testing," and we would bring her in and with over ninety percent probability, within two to three weeks we will have a diagnosis for them

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