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What You Need to Know Before Freezing Your Eggs

Before you freeze your eggs, learn more about the centers your considering. Are they well equipped to thaw your eggs out too?

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et me now talk a little bit about CHR newly expanded egg freezing program, which we announced last month and which started with a bang on January 2 of this year. Egg freezing has become an industry and not always an industry what we particularly like in the way how it works. We do not like egg freezing parties to recruit young women into the egg freezing industry. We don’t like some of the marketing methods that are being applied to bring young women into centers that offer egg freezing.

Indeed, egg freezing centers now exists in isolation completely separated from the practice of infertility and IVF centers that just do egg freezing. This is quite surprising because egg freezing is not a hobby. It is not plastic surgery. It is not something that should be taken without serious considerations. Egg freezing is a serious medical procedure because so much depends on it. Women who freeze their eggs do it for a very important purpose, it is to preserve their fertility into the future, in case, something happens, and they cannot conceive spontaneously. It’s a very logical and I think a very important concept in today’s world, where women are deferring childbirth in order to have a successful career. But egg freezing is a serious medical procedure because you depend on it.

You don’t want to wake up one day, need your eggs, have them thawed out and find out that none of your eggs survived the thawing process. In other words, where you do egg freezing procedures matters. But it almost matters more where your eggs years later are thawed out. And you don’t want your eggs just to sit somewhere in a bank with no oversight and you don’t want to have to ship your eggs around between different places once you need them.

You want them in a place where the service is based on the highest level of medical care, not marketing. And therefore, it is really important that those of you who now in 2018, in the planning for the year, are considering the possibility of fertility preservation through egg freezing. But you carefully assess where you do it and our recommendation is clear, it doesn’t have to be CHR, even though we would obviously want you love you to come here, but it should not be a fly-by-night egg freezing center. It should be an IVF center that offers comprehensive services, that knows how to handle eggs that knows how to freeze eggs, that knows how to thaw them out but also knows how to fertilize them after they thaw them out so that you end up with transferable embryos. So think carefully before you freeze your eggs,