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Why Patients Choose CHR

Patients with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR), either because they are over age 40 or because they are young but have premature ovarian aging (POA), often seek out CHR for its focused, research-driven expertise. Dr. Norbert Gleicher, CHR’s Medical Director, explains that IVF protocols designed specifically for patients with DOR are often not available at IVF centers, and that is why many long-distance patients come to CHR for their fertility treatments.

Over half of all patients here at CHR come to us from long distances. Many from overseas, many others from all over the US and Canada. The reason why they have chosen CHR as their infertility provider is because CHR does have special expertise in certain areas. I would like to point out a few of those.

CHR is likely the leading center worldwide in treating the so-called older ovaries. By that we mean ovaries of not only older women but also in younger women with premature ovarian aging. The reason why we have this special expertise is two-fold. First of all, many, if not all, of the IVF centers all around the world are restricting access to IVF above a certain age or above a certain levels of diminished ovarian reserve. In another words, if you are still young but your FSH levels are very high or your AMH levels are very low, many of our colleagues will not accept you into their program and insist on you going into egg donation. CHR does not follow that policy, and leaves that decision whether to choose going into egg donation or using your own eggs to the patient. We will be brutally honest in telling you what your chances are with your various options, but the ultimate decision is yours.

The second and maybe more important reason why CHR has developed such a special expertise in such areas as treating older ovaries is our very big research effort. We are constantly studying ways to improve outcomes and our history demonstrates that we constantly succeed. If you combine the fact that we constantly try to treat patients and constantly succeed in advancing the field, here a few percentage points there a few percentage points of pregnancy rates, it’s not surprising that in the end CHR comes ahead of many other programs in achieving outcomes for women with poor ovarian function.

It is also important to mention that most of our patients come very late to CHR. That means we are the program of last resort, which is chosen after these patients have failed often 5, 6, 10 IVF cycles in often many different IVF centers all around the world. We’d like to suggest to consider CHR at earlier stages. Because the fact that we are so successful even when patients reach us only very late suggest that if those same patients reached us earlier, our outcomes will even be better. We are looking forward to seeing you, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.