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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Infertility Treatment

The Center for Human Reproduction’s Dr. Norbert Gleicher explains why he urges women to seek fertility evaluation and treatment as early as possible.

The roadblocks that delay treatments before many patients come to CHR are many. Probably roadblack number one is the patient, and I have to say that very bluntly. Patients very frequently do not understand, and it is not their fault, they often have not been told, how important time is in fertility treatment. It is important from a success standpoint, in other words the younger you are the more likely you will succeed. It is important from a treatment standpoint, that means the same treatment will be more successful the younger you are. And it is also important from a cost standpoint because the more successful you are with treatment, the shorter the treatment and less cost will accumulate for you. So it all plays together. But, the roadblocks are not only coming from the patients. Many unfortunately come from physicians, from colleagues, as I just mentioned who frequently don’t properly inform patients about the urgency.